Scottie Field Recharged

First Scottie Field Recharged Community Session
The first Scottie Field Recharged Community Session will be held on Thursday, April 13th, at 7:00 p.m. at the Glasgow High School Auditorium.

ALL community members are encouraged to join the Scottie Field Recharged Committee, Glasgow Public Schools Administration, GSD Board of Trustees, and our coaching staff for this important informational meeting.

Kris Koessl with A&E Design out of Billings and Jared Petrino with FieldTurf - Calhoun Manufacturing and U.S. Installation out of Wyoming will both be here to present.

This Community Session will feature:
-Public Reveal of Professional Plans
-Cost of Project
-Timeline of Project
-Funding Deadlines
-Question & Answer Segment

Welcome To Scottie Field Recharged!
Welcome to the Scottie Field Recharged website. Here we'll try to answer all your questions about why, how and when we hope to move forward with updating the Glasgow High School athletic complex.

Scottie Field and the Glasgow High School track complex were constructed in the early 1980s. At the time, Glasgow's was the only all-weather track in eastern Montana.

However, the Glasgow sports complex is showing its age in the forty-plus years since construction. The football field has many dips in it, and the ground has become extremely hard. It's nearly impossible to mark a straight line across the field.

The track has surpassed expectations in its use but has dozens of cracks, and a severe dip in the first lane on the home stretch. Many coaches and volunteers have contributed hours trying to "patch" the facility, but the time has come when "band-aid" solutions will not work.

Thus, Scottie Field Recharged was born! A committee has been formed to forge ahead with the monumental task of upgrading, or "Recharging" the outdoor athletic complex.

Scottie Activities Director Brenner Flaten